Zap, Boom, Pow, BOOM!!!! with Holy Shirt!

Holy Shirt! … Who´s That Girl???

SLF by Landa Crystal

Pink Rayne is best known for her feminine, fun, tongue in cheek approach to design. You would say she is the epitome of the youth quake in SL no matter what your age.   Her designs are trendy, affordable and deliriously girly.

Colorful & sensual with a little bit of crazy fun thrown in. This is a brand you want to wear if there is a bit of the rebel & rocker  in you. From comic book tutus to mad crowns, Holy Shirt! is the happening brand of the moment!

Holy Shirt!  Club DressHoly Shirt! Club Dress

Cut close to the body with an armor type necklace and high waisted thin belt (that comes in several colors), the Club Dress is as its name implies the kind of outfit you want to wear to a night out when you want your LBT to be a little ¨more.¨

Wear it with statement pieces such as the…

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