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The UrWorld Vision

UrWorld is a new group based in Second Life  focussing right now around the Fashion & Modeling community. We are small, but growing group with members ranging from some of the grids Top Models & Bloggers, to relative new faces emerging onto the scene. We have a great group of some of the finest designers the virtual world has to offer, and a fair few media wizzs’ all here to keep everyone informed on what’s hot on the grid.

The most important thing for UrWorld is not to just be a group where you can send and receive notices, but to be a family. We believe that everyone in our group is united in efforts to bring the best possible outlook on the Fashion & Modeling world of Second Life possible, with NO drama whatsoever. In the first 2 months UrWorld has launched, we have had great feedback from our members who continue to grow each day. In the group, we all support each other, and it’s that close bond that makes UrWorld a great, relaxing yet still informative place to be.

All information on UrWorld and what it is all about can be found here on the website. This includes our Video Prouctions, UrWorld bloggers and more. Come and Share Ur World with us. We are open to anyone 🙂

For any inquiries on the group, blog or anything in general related to UrWorld,Please contact Editorial Clarity either by IM or Notecard.


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We also have a Flickr Group which is always active.