Tout Va Bien Mon Petit Chat !

One of SL´s Best Kept Secrets!

SLF by Landa Crystal

One of the best kept secrets of the SL fashion world is called Petit Chat Artfashion!created by my fellow citoyenne Trinity Yazimoto, it is a brand   specialized in  high quality that  uses some of her  digital artworks in  her fashion designs.

Every piece of digital artwork is  reworked and turned into a fabric to be used in her fashionable products. All of *PC*s creations are materials enabled allowing for a unique look in each piece.

Miss Yazimoto invests great care in the making of her pieces, blending both her digital artistry, photography  and fashion design skills while honoring the long standing tradition of the French artisan that we so respect and admire.

Petit ChatSuspendu pour L´eternitePetit Chat Suspendu pour L´éternité

This is French Fashion at it´s best and I noticed that in much the same way in which  how I style myself changes when I visit Paris, it did as well  in SL when wearing her…

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