Roxane´s Tango


When speaking of Tango, most people seem to believe it was born in Argentina where it then traveled to Paris sometime in the 19th century.     Although this is partially true for the Tango Porteño, there are some details missing in the story.

What we  know today as Tango had it´s origins in the negro enclaves of La Habana (Cuba), deriving from Flamenco.     But while Flamenco is a dance challenge that can be played alone, the Tango Flamenco is danced in a sensual and passionate embrace that seems to invoque and stir desires, wants, needs; suspicion, mistrust  and an all consuming forgiving passion that threatens to engulf everything in its wake.

Tango Flamenco´s singers and dancers can mimic a heart in love, holding your gaze at attention because you too have felt that kind of love at one time or another (I hope).


To some it may…

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