“Through this world I’ve stumbled, so many times betrayed”….

Demoness_raidy_012 Demoness_raidy_018 Demoness_raidy_013 Demoness_raidy_024 Demoness_raidy_022


This has always been an oddly inspiring song to me, but one verse in it, inspired this look:
“The Night is my companion, and Solitude my guide….would I spend forever here and not be satisfied?”
I rather like this dark look. I think it came together very well!
Wearing: Emo-tions Nightwish in black
Sword-The White Armory Zen Serenity Katana
Makeup-Madrid Solo
Shoes-Vanilla Creations Gothic Cross Pumps.
And of course a thank you to Sarah McLachlin for writing Possession about her creepy stalker experience!