Albino Casual | Shaun Ross Inspiration | with Villena, Epicosity, & Shade Throne

More and more everyday I am pressed to look for inspiration in styling in SL. So much of the clothes and styles lack true originality. I find myself grazing the blogs and flickr, only seeing the same mesh jacket with 20 different texturings, and the same skins. No one wants to break out of a norm. My friend Vikeejeah has always been a source of inspiration for me because she dares to reach outside of the box. When she did Diandra Forest a RL albino model, there were was lots of comments and controversy, but albino models such as Diandra Frost and Shaun Ross, are simply unique and truly rare in their kind. Todays blog post is inspiration from both RL Shaun Ross, and the inspiration from Vikeejeah to take an albino perspective and bring it into Secondlife. You will definately see more of this from me 🙂


My Style Card

Skin || ENTENTE || Claude Option A

Hairbase || KUTZ || Christ Brown Blonde

Hair || TUTY’S || Nefertiti Afro hair in Blonde (modded with texture to match hair base) – *original will not look the same*

Brows || BLACKLIQUID || Brow 2 – Tintable – tinted to blonde

Freckles || CHEERNO || Body Freckles – hard

(special lightening trick to get the albino pale skin, which shall.. remain… untold..hehe)

Lips || M.O.C.K. COSMETICS || Sweet Coral Lipstain

Sunglasses || SHADE THRONE || Tyler Sunglasses

Watch || THE MESH SHOP || Digital Funk Watch

Jacket || VILLENA || TXTsilver

Pants || EPICOSITY || Legit Pants -Grey

Shoes  || JUCKJACK  || Skateboard