Behind the Scenes of Paradise Lost – Behind the scenes!

More information and gorgeous pictures of the scenes of Paradise Lost. A unique Second Life production~ opening soon!


A confusing title much? Let me explain….!

The past weeks, while Becky and Harvey – and the crew, are working their derrieres off to get everything ready and smooth for the premiere on April 5, things have also been going on regarding the ‘behind the scenes’ reporting. As photographer for Love to Decorate, the Magazine, one of my assignments was taking pictures of several sets of Paradise Lost, to accompany a ‘behind the scenes’ article by VeronicaLynn Parx, who interviewed Harvey and Becky! So, I was behind the scenes of behind the scenes as it were…makes sense?

Behind the scenes of Paradise Lost - Adam and Eve - I

I do recommend reading the article as it gives a wonderfully detailed insight on the how and what about the entire production: Love to Decorate,  The Magazine ( 174…).

Behind the scenes of Paradise Lost - Adam and Eve - II

Anyway, I was privileged, once more to see several of the latest sets and was particularly charmed by Egypt (but will blog about that…

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