Heaven On The 50th Floor

Amazing living room, it invites friends to sit together and converse. Great job Edi!

Love to Decorate

Skybox_001 2


To be honest, this weekend for me has been a hard one. Many reasons for that, none of which I am going into here because it is not the place. The one thing that really makes me happy and takes my mind off of life in general is being creative, and my ways of being creative is generally by decorating.

I have had a lot going on lately not only in Second Life, but in Real Life too and I think it is only natural to have some down days. I have to say though, for the few hours I was designing and decorating this space, I was happy. And as we come to the end of the weekend, I’m getting better. My headspace is a lot clearer than it was for the previous few days.

Skybox_002 2

This place was done completely on a blank canvas…

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