According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes, and every year approximately 50,000 die from this disease. Breast cancer is not a “women’s disease” it effects men and women of every nationality and age. Let’s work positively to help eradicate this cancer in our lifetime.


Photo by: Skip Staheli ❤

Excerpt from the PBIP Campaign Blog site:


PBIP Campaign blog site:

We are back!


PRETTY BALD IN PINK Photo Campaign is a charity project aimed to promote knowledge and support for cancer victims, families and everyone affected by this disease. Like last year, the idea is not to raise money, but to raise conscience and awareness about a subject that concern us all, to some more direct than to others.


Images will be posted on the PBIP blog, flickr and other media.




Each participant of the PBIP Photo Campaign will take a picture of themselves in a black, white or pink background completely BALD and add the PBIP Logo, your name, your title or SL Business and either 1 sentence or 3 words that you think embody the idea of the PBIP Campaign. MAKE ALL IMAGES 1024×1024 or 1024×512 in size and add to the FLICKR group. If you would like, you can send images to before November 15th. The best images received will be published in the Pretty Bald in Pink blog and the best works will be picked up by some SL bloggers and posted.


Make sure you add your images to the flickr group. If they are not on the group, they WILL NOT be posted on the blog.


Flickr Group:






If you wish to take part in this campaign please send an email to, so I can add you to the blog on our STAFF page. All you need to do is help spread the message through your images. Photograph yourself, your friends or anyone else you wish to that supports the cause following the instructions above.


If you could help out by aiding others with photographs, that would be awesome.






If you wish to help us advertise and spread the PBIP’s campaign and message in your blog, email the url to and we will place you under our STAFF page.





To Magazines, Agencies and others, if you wish to become a sponsor, all we ask is your help in promoting the event in your groups and helping us get the word out there, we will add your logo and contact name to our SPONSORS Page.


If you wish to become a sponsor for the PBIP Campaign, all we ask is that you make one small FREE item, doesn’t matter how small it is, featuring the PBIP color scheme and Logo, and we will put your logo and name into our SPONSORS Page, and your item image on the PBIP SPONSOR ITEMS Page.


For a Pink World Without Cancer.



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Pretty Bald in Pink CEO