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I have truly fallen in love with this dress from Orage Creations, called Bolivian Girl.  The top is a cross between the apron sundresses I used to wear as a child and a sexy kimono.   All done in a very sexy cut.   The cleavage   going not only  in the front and back but also on the sides.   The body of the dress is siren cut and ends  into vaporous open layers from the knees down.

The color is that of the sun on a hot summer sunset.  Yellow and orangy like a passionate kiss.    Here it is accessorized with long gold metal cuffs and ring and a high top headband.    The make up echoes the orange tones with a deep deep salmon color lipstick.  It makes me feel very feminine, glowie and summery at the same time.

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Bolivian Girl Dress – OC

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