My friend ¨Ronnie¨sometimes calls me from overseas requesting that I tell him in a raspy voice ¨Kiss me Ronnie, Kiss Me¨.    After this we´d both break into laughter.   He has a thing for that ultimate Bohemian Chic. Having  learnt to imitate Stevie Nicks at an early age, I can do this for him.

Given,  she was not a beauty in the classic sense of the word.  This is what contributed to making her an interesting beauty and not a boring one.   She had a quality that made her universally attractive.  She seemed to transpire Light on the upper side of triangle and innocent or not so innocent sensuality at the bottom.   Furthermore  she appealed to both genders in that guys wanted to ¨date¨her and girls just wanted to be, well …  her.

Her raspy sensual voice and somehow eclectic mix of elements in the way…

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