Are you familiar with your Ego? ~ Ego Jail ~ JadeYu Fhang

Check it out! 😀

Through Owl's eyes...

Cathedral by JadeYu

 EgO Jail ~ @ Dark Tears ~ An Art build by JadeYu Fhang

I found a chance to go see this incredible light airy dark impressive build this week.

EgO Jail had me staring in awe!

JadeYu built a huge symbolic Art piece that can be looked at in many ways, though the title and having read Being yoon’s blog post led me to follow seeing it as ego.

Yoon talked about building up and protecting our ego’s.

This exhibit’s concept blogged really deep on NOOQI by Being Yoon
Apmel covered the opening of Ego Jail on his Blog Min avatar Apmel

JadeYu Fhang’s Ego Jail

What is ego?

Ego is a person’s self-esteem or sense of self-importance.

We are not our ego rather our ego is built by us to protect us.

Our ego is where our expectations come from.

Expectations can breed disappointments, which our ego…

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