Safari Concrete Jungles


SLF by Landa Crystal

Lush By CoCo Lush By CoCo

Living only two small blocks away from the shore, the  smell of the ocean – more often than not –  surrounds  me with its salty residue in the air.  

The perennial, almost pristine summer smell however, does not seem to go together with my surroundings; the views, the sounds.  

It´s still the city and sometimes I tend to grow tired of the concrete jungle.  

My spirit always longing for more pristine and simple ways.

Lush By CoCo Lush By CoCo

Style Info

High cut bikini bottoms with a knotted strapless top.

The bottoms are low enough on the thigh making it appropriate for not just the beach but also the home or just hanging around.

Lush By Coco – Safari Swim in Fern (picture 1) and Spot (Picture 2).  Lode – Headwear in Wild Rose.  7891 – Ring.  Location: Rayne Isles, Wishing Well.

Wild Safari – By Barrabás

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