Event@1st is back

@1 is bacccckkk!!! And is open to ALL designers. Isn’t that a nice change? ❤


When I created Event@1st I wanted a second life event that could have been enjoyable for designers and shoppers at the same time.

Where did I start?
From my experience and I recalled the frightening feeling when I am invited to participate in a shopping event and I am asked only exclusives : one, two…three items when I am also working at my regular store releases could represent a source of concern.
And I also have many pieces that I like in my store that somehow fall behind cause the attention draw by many events, steal the spotlight from them.

And I don’t want to be cut out.

Here is where Event@1st is different :
Every one of your creations represent an important value for you, so they are for me and this is why along with exclusive items you can choose to create a special offer about an item that is already in your…

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