A Road Less Taken

SLF by Landa Crystal

Snapshot_004 Gizza

Sometimes acting a certain way can bring about change, even when it´s just acting.  That forced smile we regale others with out of politeness can all of a sudden turn into a genuine one just to name one example.  

Other times, people´s perceptions about us can start us thinking about a pathway we never intended to take.  It gets us thinking about it as an actual possibility and once the idea has found its way into our heads  it begins to open us to other futures and other possible versions of our ourselves.  

The entire process can take us into either dismissing the idea altogether (how many times can we actually achieve this before we do succumb to the temptation?) or learning something deeper about ourselves.

In any case I wonder if the mere act of questioning can bring about change and turn so called false perceptions into realities.  Most likely, I think, they…

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