Inevitable Wishes!

SLF by Landa Crystal

Zanze Zanze

I thank all of you for making my life a little better, my SL magical and my heart bigger.

May we be inclined to count our blessings and be thankful for both, the glass half full and the one half empty.

May we be able to commune in love with those whom we miss because they parted from our lives for whatever reason.

May they know that even in the physical distance or on a different plane of existence, they are still cherished in our hearts and loved beyond compare.

May we be able to embody the Light that playfully flirts with us during this Magical Season and be happy and healthy in the fulfillment of our individual missions.

Happy Holidays!

Style Info

A scalloped double keyhole neckline gown (the keyhole detail is echoed on the back).  It´s sexiness never betrays its innate elegance.

The intricate fabric of the dress…

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