Lessons in Disguise

And Gizza, Zanze & Indyra

SLF by Landa Crystal

Indyra Indyra

I, like most of us, came to SL with a mixture of curiosity and awe, unaware of the changes that would take place deep inside as a result of my seemingly casual interactions.

In spite of years of traveling, having been exposed to many cultures and value systems and being able to navigate any social circle from high to low in RL, it has been in SL without a doubt, where I have learnt the most about respecting our differences and the unlimited complexities of the human mind and spirit to the best of my abilities in action.

I have learnt to love or cherish people with whom I would had never crossed paths before in my life, appreciating their good parts, tolerating their bad ones and embracing their entire package for what they are.

I can attest that everyone has something to offer within the roles they choose to play wether they are aware…

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