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Please find it in your heart to visit the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep event and buy something, even if it’s just one something. This is such a heart wrenching cause. ~Lil Cao

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We don’t often think of infant mortality as an issue in the United States or other developed counties.  Yet according to the Journal of the American Medical Association about one in every 160 pregnancies in the United States ends in a still birth – that is over 26,000 still births a year, or one every 20 minutes.  In developing countries, the rate of stillborn children is much higher.  To this day, despite advanced medical knowledge, the cause of most stillborn births remain a mystery. 
It is to this end that I and my dear friend Vera have taken on the task of the event we bring forth to you today. Starting at 10 am Tiny Footprints, a charity event to benefit the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Organization will begin. I have made one exclusive design and one auction piece. 100% of the proceeds of both sales go…

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