Hobo Isle

My friend Owl takes the most gorgeous pics! Check it out here: 😀

Through Owl's eyes...

Hobo Island photo by owl


Train Photo by owl

The land tag reads “Explorable Hobo Camp, Sandbox (3 hour autoreturn). Textures,and the whole Island will eventually be full mod free to copy for your fill of freebie enjoyment. All are welcomed.”

Hobo Pirate Photo by owl

Owned By Hobo Castaways group — group basically says it is for people currently working on building Hobo island.
Connected to Hobo City well worth exploring in My opinion!

Looks like classes on Building and scripting happen here as well as live music some times.

Loch ness Photo by Owl




hermit Isle Photo by owl

Thank you for visiting my Blog .. go explore ~owl

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