Crow. A New Generation of Skin Arrives

I recently ran across a new skin store and wanted to share it with everyone!! Stop by, say hallo! More importantly check out the skins, they range from fantasy to goth to model-ready, so I am sure there is something there you will love!

crow-rowan-winter set4-pic

[note from the creator]

Thank you for taking the time to view my new ~crow~ skins.

I am including all skins currently available in my shop as well as all ads for these skins. I’m also including the current grand opening gift skin.

Due to prim limitations in the shop, I have packaged all skins into sets of four. However, very shortly, all individual skins will be available on marketplace.


Eyes, wings, makeup and some decor items are also currently in the shop with more to come of all as well as apparel.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a notecard. If you choose to review my items, please drop me a note with the url so I may send a notice in my group and direct them to your blog post.

Finally, there is one MM board (group only), four Lucky Boards (group only) and one Lucky Cupcake (no group) in the shop. I will be sending at least one premium group gift and one smaller giftie each month as well as each time our group membership increases by 50, no matter how often that occurs.

Thanks again for your time,
mattie rae

There ya are! I know you will like ~crow~ as much as I did, I even included a taxi for you! See? I’ma kinda nice Cao like that