Uber! A new event!! Runnnnnnnnnnnn!


The new monthly themed event, brainchild of Truth Hawks and Kaelyn Alecto, is now open.

The theme for the inaugural round is Uber Vacation. When travelling on holiday, more often than not I will end up picking up a piece of locally made jewelry that reflects local resources and or artistic traditions. While I am not one to pull out holiday photos often, I most certainly will look for that pair of earrings, or necklace, or bangle that I found in a little shop, or from a street artisan whilst on an adventure. It is definitely one of my favourite kind of souvenirs! Hence the Essence necklace set.

The Essence set includes two necklaces which can be worn alone or stacked and earrings. Both full colour change set [10 colours for main and accents, 5 colour sets for stones] and 4 single colour sets available.

~ Uber ~

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