I Didn´t Do it! Cluedo & Other Board Games

What a wonderful show it was!

SLF by Landa Crystal

Snapshot_002Mrs. White´s  seemingly psychotic niece had tried to kill detestable Detective Moodie before, but each time she had tried she had been paralyzed with memories of what he had done.

He had blamed her Aunt and her friends for the murder of Mr. Broodie.  The entire SL Fashion loving family had witnessed how,  when she was just a little girl, her Aunt  had been taken along with others and arrested right there at the scene of the crime.  She became adept at playing with ropes, always entertaining the idea of vengeance but happily never really having the guts to carry it through.

As seen during the recent Cluedo Show.

Lybra – Miss. White Gown. Low – Bracelet.  Miamai – Headpiece and eye make-up.

Snapshot_005All along everybody thought that Mr. Broodie had been killed by Mrs. White. Nonetheless his then lover, the fashionable ¨It Girl¨ and daughter of that conspicuous English Lord and a certain 50s Movie Star also had…

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