The Cure

SLF by Landa Crystal


She had begun to become stronger than the potion that was administered to her each day.  Little by little the veil over her eyes was lifting and she could see inside herself better and better.  She still kept quiet and didn´t tell a soul how she had been regaining little bits and pieces of herself that had been scattered and even some that had been shattered all around.

Baiastice – Bali Gown.  Zaara – head jewel. Kunglers – Jewelry


Her identity had been shaken and  she had begun to morph into some unrecognizable; a part of her non-self.  It looked beautiful at first but upon closer look, the darkened vacuum became apparent. Her mind grew empty her system limp.  Like an automat all her reactions were controlled by angry thoughts of fear and loss.

Until one moment during which from deep  inside the vast corners of her heart and mind she saw it…

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