Shellsea Again

Dotty Dotty

No matter what they say: in SL,  we are a who we are inside in RL.  We tend to replicate either what we do and think,  who we are, how we look or what we have lived thru.  We follow our hearts and nothing can be more real than that. LC

Our reality has a tendency to seep thru every aspect of our lives, and wether we think of SL as a game, a chat room or an extension, the fact is that SL is part of our RL and as such  how much we can separate the two, in our minds, hearts and life, is still debatable and I´m guessing dependent upon the psychological configuration of the individual.

I in particular, can´t do the RP thing.  I´m just not good at trying to pretend to be something I ´m not.  This is not to say that I can´t play…

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