Effortless Chic & Remembering Donna Flora

Getting by on a smile

Miamai Miamai

It was bound to happen. A shift towards almost effortless dressing has begun. While a few years ago a similar look would require layer upon layer or attachments and accessories, today, a single mesh layer does the trick.   The effect is similar to that which usually takes place when you are dressing in the summer with a single layer dress.  It makes you feel chic and well put together in a very comfortable easy way.    All the pieces in this story have been chosen because of its ease of use.

Once such dress is the Miamai above, which in spite of its intricate design and vaporous style is the epitome of ease.  This is a formal, strapless dress.  The poufs of the skirt are controlled and placed strategically to provide visual interest and emphasize the fluidity of the dress as they act as an overly to the gauzey fabric below…

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