Are You Gonna Eat That?

Center Ville, Leezu & Even Flow

Center Ville Center Ville

That´s the joke among those who know me.  For the longest time I was the thinnest person around.  Although this allowed to me become a model in RL for both Runway and Television (it happily added 10 pounds to my physique) it also made me the target of jokes all round.  ¨Hang on to …. (fill in the blanks) or the wind`s gonna take you¨  they used to say whenever they were not asking me if I was anorexic.

The fact was that no, I was not.  Some of us were really just built that way and it´s not just from eating a cheese cube.  I was a fast eater and when out to eat with friends or out for dinner with dates, whenever there was a pause I would ask … ¨Are you gonna eat that?¨    That´s how I got my last name … –  Landa AreYouGonnaEatThat? – 

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