What Not To Do – The Event Attendee Guide

A great reminder to us all posted in a rather funny way! 😀

Trials of Eyeliner

whatnot9 My.. what a large… uhm… bullhorn you have?

We love sculpted prims. We love mesh. We love it so much we go crazy shopping for it. We hit up all of the latest events. We collect. We demo. We flaunt and we preen. “Lookit all my new great stuff! Isn’t it fabulous? You should go buy it too! In fact, I love it soooo much and I look so amazingly real and awesome right now, I’m going to pile on all of my new items and go to the new fair that just opened up today so I can get more mesh pretty things!”

And this is where Nigel has a bit of a nutty.

Come on in and get comfy in the pews, my faithful stalkers, for lo- tonight Nigel is going to rant on improper Event Attendance Etiquette.

There are some NSFW photos behind the cut. They’re not…

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