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Gizza & Nya

Gizza and Nya

The Mumbay Harbour, her first port of entry into India on her way to Uttar Pradesh.  Her clothing still reflective of her western ways.

Gizza Jumping off the ship in Gizza Sailing Dress

The Gizza ……. is a beautiful ensemble available in two different colors and patterns versions.  Strapeless. Short.  With beautifully detailed buttons and an anchor crest.  A coordinated scarf tied around the belt.  Comes fully accessorized with sunglasses, hat and a texture change bag together with the famous Betty Heels included!  The version below also comes with a charm bracelet, earring, ring and matching necklace in a maritime theme!  Simply Gorj!!!

Maubray (Above) – Bracelet

Gizza – Sailing Dress Crosswise & (below) in Stripped Lemon

Gizza in ..... Gizza in …..

Sightseeing Wearing Nya

Nya´s Lolita Cocktail Dress Nya´s Lolita Dress

Silky cotton sundress. Sleeveless. Close to the body then flaring right below the waist.  The skirt pleats move beautifully as you take…

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