Dead Dollz

Dead Dollz in the Penumbra ..

Coming from the RL Fashion Industry I found styling in SL quite interesting when I first came in.  I quickly figured that fashion – as  most other things – was slightly different in the virtual world.

Fast track  a few years ahead and things seem to be changing, in part because of the Penumbra Management team.  They have made it ok to 1) be voluptuous (think of the Super Models of the 80s) and 2)  they have made it desirable not to over accessorize our styling.  Both come to some as a relief.  The thing is, unless we are roleplaying if it does not make you look good, then what´s the point?

From time to time I am delightfully surprised at some brands.  This has happened to me several times and I honestly say that each time this happens I am simply overjoyed in the same way I would be when I find a…

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