Back and Forth in Time

Time Travel with Vero Modero

SLF by Landa Crystal

Vero Modero

Vero Modero´s range of choices is so vast that its inspiration obviously spans several eras, places and personas.  But don´t get us wrong; as you can see for yourself,  VM´s designs are very much a thing of today!

Raisa Raisa

With endless  possibilities for styling, this is the one set that I would choose if I was to keep only  one outfit in my closet. It has the potential to take me to and from every imaginable RP fantasy (Fairie, Vampire, G.O.T Princess, Elven, Avenger, Warrior or Angel, you name it).  At the same time it has such an attractive contemporary look that I could very well wear it as just the same old me.

The Raisa, has an olive green corset and an asymmetrical skirt that is longer on the back and flares short in the front.  It seats right at the waist and it´s made in…

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