MEB … Il Sogno Italiano!

Il Sogno! MEB

A Different Kind of Sexy

The Carmen The Carmen

I can´t remember exactly when it happened but it must have been less than 3 weeks into my noobie experience in SL.  I came across incredibly elegant women wearing designs by Italians: talented  Maria Elena Barbosa, and my friends: artistic Thera Taureg and creative genius Anubis Harturian. Being new of course, and not having the slightest idea about the in world experience,  my only source of income at the time was the Lindens I made by trying to beat a particularly nasty pro – complete with latex boots and pointy boobs – at sitting in one the newcomer friendly places.

With the money I saved, theirs were the very first outfits I ever bought in SL.   In the specific case of MEB, I got the appropriately named Riviera that closely resembled one RL outfit that I had previously owned. The design…

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