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Penumbra Fashion Week

SLF by Landa Crystal

Marilyn Set From Prism Marilyn Set From Prism

Abundant in colorful choices in the latest runway styles and featuring original textures it´s what Prism Designs is all about. Their latest collection has taken me by surprise and I could not be more delighted.Even though I would not recommend forgoing  the demo, I have to say that with this brand I am a perfect size S, something quite unusual for me. Most of the time I have to actually alter my shape here and there.  This was really not the case with Prism.

The Marilyn Skirt and Sweater Set presented above,  is a lady like ensemble that is cheerful to the eye and pleasurable to wear. It features a close to the body knitted sweater in a variety of colors and a high waisted pencil skirt that sits about 5 inches above the knee. The skirt also features a wrap around bowed belt in the same…

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