Summer in Linen

The Designer of Sexy …

From ancient times regarded as a symbol for light and purity, linen is one of my favourite fabrics because of it´s ease of use and the leisure elegance and coolness it brings. Although in my RL´s circles it is usually avoided by older ladies of the bourgeoisie because of it´s tendency to wrinkle, this is one of the traits I like about it the most…its ability to look naturally beautiful, simple and chic.

Smesh! Summer in Linen Smesh! Summer in Linen

The newest from Smesh! is the kind of thing I actually wear in RL.  High waisted pants with an incorporated belt. A cropped top with an asymmetrical cut and thin straps.  It´s the kind of thing that can see me thru in the city and the beach, or both. I can also wear it in the house with or without unexpected visitors and it will always look good.


Wear it with the Milk Motion…

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