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SLF by Landa Crystal

Molichino Maggy Dress Molichino Maggy Dress

I found out about this dress thru the posts of two of my favourite bloggers, Caoimhe Lionheart and Linda Reddevil.  Both styled this dress magnificently.   So much so, that they made me break my promise of not acquiring anything new.  I just had to have it !

The Dress is mesh but it is meant to be used WITHOUT an alpha.  This is so that your body can be seen thru the lace.   Not using an alpha layer makes it especially convenient to be worn with regular bodies or mesh ones as you simply adjust your measurements  to make your body fit INSIDE the dress.

While the dress is perfect to wear with high heels I chose to pair it with the new Gizza Sandals. Hand-stitched fine leather  in several colors with and without glittering finishes.  I am having a deep love affair with them…

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