Never Give Up !

Light that candle !!!

It seems unfortunate that most people seem to have been affected one way or another by a major illness.  Wether thru a loved one,  friend, family or lover, or thru ourselves,   we go on to experience a whole set of different feelings when we hear the news.  Grief, anger and fear,  regret, disappointment, hopelessness and trauma are only some of the feelings we might experience.

In SL, because of its very nature, we get to know a large number of different people.  Many of these people are affected by illnesses.  Some chronic and severe, some terminal, but they all give us the opportunity to get to know them and spend time close to their light in a world of theirs and our own making while sharing the laughter and the love.

I feel very honoured to share my SL life with some truly amazing people who care enough and so much to  – as…

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