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SLF by Landa Crystal

I wasn´t considered a particularly bright student in High School.  Although an  Honour Roll student during Elementary School, when I got to High School it was a different story.

I went to an all girls catholic  private school (yes,  complete with the clichéd uniform and all).  My childhood songs were protest songs,  I later realized,  and the nuns there made such a good job at raisin independent women that when I was on the sixth grade I decided I wanted to change to a different religion mixed genre high school.

Soon, it was clear that the new school did not share the nuns view of life nor values (this actually had nothing to do with religion).  I was sent to the principal´s office more often than not for just speaking my mind (as I was taught to do in grade school).  But in this particular school, speaking your mind, even when respectfully…

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