Willful Bed of Roses and Other Assorted Bliss Bombs

Peseverance as the key to success & the Montana Set from Gizza


I was happily welcomed into SL  recently by a fellow model who for the longest time has refused to comply with the cookie cutter beauty standard in (both) our world.

It´s not that she had anything against a classic beauty, on the contrary.  She holds a strong belief in herself and an unusual amount of self respect.  She perfectly knows how to edit her image in SL in order to make it more standardized and palatable to the majority, but the thing is that she wanted to be authentic. To be herself and to have her Avatar not drift too far away from her reality within the physical world in terms of features.  She also had a quality that conveys great power: She is unafraid to be different and fearless when criticized.

I personally witnessed women insult this lady for her appearance at in world stores as I (in horror) would try to remind her of the extraordinary beauty…

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