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Gizza Donna GownGizza Donna Gown

The other day I came across .aisling, makers among other things of extremely amazing jewelry that goes beyond period pieces and are worthy of any fan of G.O.T.   The secluded place upon which the  vendors laid, made me truly feel like I was in the cave of Ali Baba.

One of the things I discovered while there was this headpiece.  Perfect for a renaissance styling or role-play.   I decided to dress it up with the Donna Gown from Gizza.  Previously released in FW13, it´s one of those all weather, all periods outfits and  can be adapted to Spring/Summer  by just removing the outer cape.   I found this to be the perfect dress to pair with the Godelieve Headpiece as I set myself to remember those times and the enlightenment they brought forth.

One book worth reading thru is Galileo Galilei´s Dialogue of the Two Chief World Systems written in…

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