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SLF by Landa Crystal

Smesh!! Pal Drape Dress Smesh!! Pal Drape Dress

Recent comments from Robert Weiss, a writer for the Huffington Post and Senior Vice President of Clinical Development, Elements Behavioral Health at who knows where, called Second Life ¨ … an online video game, but really it is an opportunity to create self-directed animated porn¨.    The fact that he decided to ignore the other 99% of Second Life´s activities deemed not important to him; I am guessing.

SL is a reproduction of RL with a few give and takes (like TPs and flying).  Sex and the porn industry IS but a small part of RL.   There is no more sex in SL than there is actually in RL and I find the fact that he decided to reduce us to little more than a mere pixel porn site, very offensive.

Misinformed comments like this hurt SL and its inhabitants probably more than anything else…

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