Walking Out of Cages Thru The Rabbit Hole

On Freedom …

Holy Shirt ! Rabbit Mini Dress Holy Shirt ! Rabbit Mini Dress

The key to the personal cages

the ones we seem to build and  put ourselves into  

always remain inside us.

There is no need  to look for the source of freedom outside the confines of our human form and existence,  for freedom is always truly  caged inside ourselves for us to

BE whenever we are ready…

Cages always have an open door Cages always have an open door

… And then when you do decide to stand up and walk out make sure you hit the hottest, coolest club all dressed to match.

Holy Shirt ! and up and coming brand in SL by the lively and talented PinkRayne has the perfect spring clubbing (the dancing variety) dress.

Skin tight, very short, strapless and with a funny, young,  cute and simple print  … to balance its sexiness …

Holy Shirt! – Rabbit Mini Dress (Mesh)

CandyDoll – Gossa Pumps (at the Monochrome Fair)

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