Easter Dreams

Alive …

Gizza -  Bunny Costume Gizza – Bunny Costume

With too many things happening at once in my RL, I have stayed away too long.

A really long list  of wonderful outfits by several amazing designers are all  piled up high on my mesh bed.   The pile has grown too wide and tall and the bed no longer can  accommodate me.

… I swiftly move to the rug, but the rug quickly gets too full.  

Shoe boxes stacked one on top of the other…

In spite of my best intentions to sleep or rest in the fetal position, it´s beginning to feel quite uncomfortable.   Enough is  enough, I must say.

I think a lot about what I write and find that this is the hardest part of my task. I try my best to highlight fashion in a deeper, more profound way, if anything to do my best to live up to the name (the…

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