Scavenger Hunt Winners!

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MIAMAI :: Fashion House

Congratulations to our Blog Scavenger Hunt winners! We at Miamai wish to thank everyone who played. We could not have created this amazing Scavenger Hunt without the dedication and wonderful creativity of the bloggers whom helped us. Their participation made all the difference in the world. We had so much fun creating and implementing this scavenger hunt! These lucky ladies have won the entire Luxe Spring Collection! Their inventory exploded with an amazing new wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean yours cannot as well. Hop on over to Miamai and have a look see for yourself.

Grand Prize Winners:
1) Januh Kilara
2) Jeannie Jannings
3) LaiLaniLove Resident

Honorable Mentions:

Giada Brentley wins $4000L in Miamai store credit

Holly Portland wins $3000L in Miamai store credit

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