Spontaneous Reviews for Paradise Lost in Second Life are in!

Extra Extra Read all about it! Paradise Lost is a Huge Hit!!! \o/

Canary Beck

The full reviews of the Paradise Lost in Second Life Press Preview are slowly trickling in; however, we took some first reactions from those present, immediately after event.

Note: All of the slide show images of the Preview were taken by the lovely and talented Caitlin Tobias – who tweeted…

So on with the immediate reviews!

5 stars

Absolutely amazing – really pushing the envelope of the metaverse! i wish this gets heard about WIDE outside of SL. Yes a 10-year-old platform with some legacy code: but just like the physical world – it is what you make of it!

Draxtor Despres, The DraxFiles Radio Hour with Jo Yardley

5 stars

This was a thoroughly enjoyable performance. It was thoughtful, entertaining, and very much a feast for the senses, with gorgeous sets, beautiful music, and lovely and engrossing…

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