SaliMar Luxury District / Fashion Pulse – Carnivale

Yay! / another party! ♡

*SoliDea FoliEs**___


YOU ARE INVITED to a fantastic themed party at *SaliMar* Luxury District. To make things more interesting, we are holding a mini contest where you can win 2 gifts from 2 of the Luxury District’s designers (1 gift from each).

When: 28th February (Friday) 1-3 pm SLT

Theme: Carnival (please arrive in theme even if you wouldn’t like to join the contests – in that case you can of course wear outfit from any designer )

DJ: Riri Ninni

The contest:

Pulse of Style:
In the party’s theme mix and match at least 2 items from ANY of the Luxury District’s stores (please use items that are available at the District). You are free to mix the 2 items with anything from any designers, the main thing is that you use at least 2 items from the Luxury District.
When you arrive to the party please send a notecard…

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