Introducing the cast of Paradise Lost in Second Life – Part 2

And more from the cast of Paradise Lost!

Canary Beck

Cast Collage Initial Clockwise – Sonia, Gwen, Julian and Harvey – Collage made from photos taken by Caitlin Tobias

Jumping right from where I left off introducing our new players, let me now introduce you to the second half of our cast. In this part, we have the familiar faces that have proven their chops in Romeo + Juliet in Second Life: Gwen Cosgrove, Sonia Yeu and Syn Wytchwood.

PL Cast Profiles - Gwen Gwen Elise Cosgrove

Gwen Elise Cosgrove

Moloch, a Zebra, Isrealite Slave, Joseph of Nazareth, Judas Iscariot

Gwen played Paris in Romeo + Juliet in Second Life. She’s been in Second Life for 3 years and 9 months

When it comes to Second Life, she lives “a fairly simple and casual little life”. She enjoys listening to music and going to see the occasional live show, something she only experienced relatively recently. She’s also a family person and likes being a part of that community within SL.

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