Introducing the cast of Paradise Lost in Second Life – Part 1

coming soooooon! ❤

Canary Beck

Clockwise - Me, Ellen, Syn and Harmony Clockwise – Me, Ellen, Syn and Harmony – Collage made from Photos by Caitlin Tobias

We’re excited to have some familiar faces join us and to welcome a few new faces to the Basilique Performing Arts Company, and the cast of Paradise Lost in Second Life.

There are 43 credited roles in Paradise Lost in Second Life. All our actors play multiple roles in the play, which we do by some carefully choreographed plotting, seriously quick outfit changing, and in some cases, running multiple avatars!

So let me introduce you to the first half of our cast. In this part, you’ll meet the newest additions to our talented and enthusiastic Company: Ellen Cordeaux, Harmony Sandalphon and Julian Tantalus.

Ellen Cordeaux Ellen Cordeaux

Ellen Cordeaux

Mammon, a Zebra, Pharaoh of Egypt, King Balthazar, James the Apostle, a Roman Soldier

Ellen joined Second Life in April of 2006.  She’ll be celebrating 8 years soon! Her main…

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