An Uncluttered Life – Dreaming of Simplicity and Comfort

An uncluttered comfort

My sabbatical month is over and my first post for the year is already overdue. It´s time to stop thinking and pondering and start taking action in both my lives. For some days already I´ve begun to feel this overwhelming need to clean up (inventory in SL, belongings in RL), of editing  and simplifying.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons I´m currently in love with the Mirte Structural Dress by Faenzo. I had actually tried to get it so many times already but Collaborator 88, where it is available, is such a success that the SIM is almost always full. Eventually after many, many tries and several days, I was able to get in and snatch it.

Faenzo Mirte Structural Dress in White Faenzo Mirte Structural Dress in White

The reason why I love it, is of course its minimalist and sensual simplicity which is exactly what I am currently in the mood for…

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