Help save the mountain gorillas from losing their paradise

Please help! We need your help!

Canary Beck

I know I’ve talked a lot about the production lately on this blog. It’s fair to say that as things closer and closer to the premier, the pitch becomes more and more feverish to finish what we’ve started. There is so much to tell, so much to show, and we’re only really scratching the surface.

Every night, and most of every weekend, we are consumed by this effort, which makes it sometimes easy to forget the purpose behind it. Today, however, I’d like to change gears and take a moment and talk a bit more about the mountain gorillas that will benefit from our work.

Earlier this week, I was disheartened to read of the passing of Mishaya, a Silverback Mountain Gorilla, that lived in Bwindi Inpenetrable National Park in Uganda.

Only 28 years old (a gorilla’s average lifespan is 50 years), Mishaya died of a short illness. Mishaya was the…

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