Paradise Lost in Second Life to open Spring 2014

I can’t wait to see this play! It is going to EPIC! ❤ ❤

Canary Beck

Paradise Lost Teaser Poster 1 FINAL

Raised a Roman Catholic, vivid images of the first man and woman wandering blissfully around the Garden of Eden are indelibly seared into my brain. I can see them now in their naked innocence, two obedient children in adult bodies, under the watchful eye of their all-seeing yet invisible father.

And of course, this vision is inexorably coupled by an image of the same two figures, now tragically cowering in shame as they hide behind trees and bushes, quivering under the castigation of an unforgiving God, sorrowfully losing everything as a result of their one and only disobedient act.

While they might seem hopelessly dated, quaint and even ridiculous to many of us, these stories remain important and baked into over half of humankind’s narrative code.

They have inspired poets, musicians, artists and architects to create some of the greatest works of ancient and modern civilisation. They have fuelled our quarrels…

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