The Golden Thread

Miamai Black Label returns. SQUUEEEAAA!!! ❤

an chailín álainn

The Senses of Our SoulMiamai Black Label Season One .

Just as I love life imitating art, I am also a big fan of Fashion Imitating an Artistic Life so you can imagine how excited I was to find out that Miamai is once again releasing a Black Label line of their more haute creations. SQQQUUUEEAAAALL!!! Right up Cao’s alley, right? All I can say is if you can go to only one show between now and January 1st, let this be the show. I’ve seen bits and pieces and it promises to be an entirely immersive delight to the senses.


… The Golden Thread ….
An Epiphany in Four Parts

The creatives of MIAMAI have gathered together for the fourth year of their triumphant Black Label series of fashion events. Join us as the year closes and wind your way into the forests of the night. Come, follow the Golden Thread…

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